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LiveConnect – Event & Delegate Management

Complete Event & Delegate Management system with unique built in User interaction solutions for any event, for both the organizer and the participants perspective.

LiveConnect is a very powerful, easy to use platform, customizeable and scaleable to your needs. With multiple optional and scaleable modules, you choose how closely you wish to connect with your participants.

The entire LiveConnect system has a growing number of features, not only covering event information – but also delegate interaction.

A significant part of interaction is the unique RFID tool. Delegates can be equipped with custom id-cards or lanyards with an integrated RFID chip.

The RFID chip can be read up to 15 meters (45 feet) from an accesspoint and used to track, interact or even push personalized information via SMS, Email, info monitors or billboards. Imagine reminders for seminars, dinner location or urgent messages to groups or individuals.

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LiveConnect works for you

LiveConnect not only gives organizers unique options for events, but also powerful data on behavior.

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Data collection and privacy

Privacy is very important to us. With RFID tracking, we strongly recommend and advice on how to keep collected information secure. It is also always recommended to inform delegates up front about collection of personal information and whereabouts.
Always stay within local regulations to secure privacy.