Event Platform

Apply state-of-the-art event- and live streaming technology, and deliver outstanding, captivating and engaging events to your audiences.

Events without Limitations

Are you searching for a flexible and 100% customizable Event Solutions Platform that allows you to live stream engaging and captivating content to a wide audience group in a timely manner? 

At Livehouse we have developed a state-of-the-art Event Solutions Platform, providing you with ample opportunities for creating outstanding and inspirational event solutions. Using our platform, you are always guaranteed an ultralow latency on your live stream, full control, alongside multiple features to increase engagement and interaction amongst your audiences.

A seamless experience every time across all channels

We know that understanding the dynamics and complexity of our Event Solutions Platform, and all of the associated technical components, can be somewhat challenging. But fear not. Our seasoned professionals, will dedicatedly take care of the technique, so that you can focus on what really matters – to create captivating and aspiring events for your audience.

For each event, we design a webpage where your event is live streamed to your audiences. And we always design the webpage in close collaboration with you and in accordance with your visuals, desires, and dreams. Only the sky is the limit. And to make the customer journey even smoother, we always divide your event into four groups, all handles through the same webcast-link

Ultralow Latency

You are always guarenteed 1.5 and 2 seconds for the spoken word to travel from the speaker to the audience.

Live Interaction Features

Interact with your audiences pre, live and post-event, and include polls, breakout sessions, competitions etc.

Full Event Control

Control your design and process all the way from the planning phase through to the live and post-event.

Scalability and Flexibility

Host your event on-site or remote, and invite speakers and presenters to join your event remotely.

Worlwide Audience

Reach your audience anywhere in the world, and live stream your event to thousands of people.

Aspirational Visuals

Design stunning visuals to elevate your event. Include e.g. 3D universes and greenscreen recordings.

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Track and Monitor your Events

Whether hosting physical, virtual or hybrid events, tracking and monitoring the course of your event is integral for business success, and for improving your events.

Using our Event Solutions Platform, you can monitor your events on a data visualization dashboard in real-time and report on e.g., session engagement and attendance rates. You can also receive post event reports showcasing attendance rates, country of origin for the attendees and much more.

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